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Premium International Internships on BridgEd

Find the right spots on the globe to explore your interests and goals.

Learning more about certain personal passions and interests is best done in a global context.

Premium International Internships on BridgEd

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The premium international internships featured on BridgEd provide participants with the appropriate space outside the formal setting of a higher education institution to explore niche passions and interests that are close to them.

With internship choices across the globe in areas like environment and conservation, business, journalism and archaeology, participants can focus on getting a deeper understanding of global issues in these domains.


Focus on your area of interest and pay attention to the skills you need to pick up through this niche internship experience


Going beyond your cultural and social space is tough, but also an opportunity to become sensitive and learn more deeply about the world


Explore the world like never before and take the leap you have always dreamt of.

Premium Internship Programs

Do a premium internship through BridgEd and have an amazing learning experience.

Business Internships


Journalism Internships

China, South Africa & Vietnam

Law & Human Rights Internships

China & South Africa

Archaeology Internships

Romania & Peru

Conservation & Environment Internships

South Africa, Kenya, Nepal, Thailand, Madagascar and Ecuador

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay for the premium international internships?

Premium international internships involve careful planning of the program for each participant an making arrangements for the participants for the duration of their stay. This involves both costs and lot of human resources which we have to compensate for. All these costs go into providing you with a great service – it ensures you are able to focus on your internship and make use of the time.

What does the cost of a premium international internship include?

The cost takes care of all your food and accommodation, transfer to and from the destination airport, transfers to and from work where required, travel and medical insurance as well as 24-hour support by BridgEd and backup by the local Projects Abroad staff.

Who is eligible for the premium international internships?

Anyone who is 16 and above can apply. Students, professionals and those on a gap year can all look at premium international internships as opportunities to mix international travel and learning together.

Can I and a friend of mine go together for a premium international internship?

Yes! Very much! All you have to do is register on BridgEd, let us know via mail that you intend to live and work together before making your applications separately. We will make the necessary confirmations and arrangements for you.

Can a group of us join the same internship project?

Yes indeed! For a small group, just let us know via mail about your intention. If it is a big group, we could look at arranging a Group Trip exclusively for you.