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Paid International Internships on BridgEd

Work, learn and earn in global destinations.

BridgEd is helping students and professionals get a global experience and make money along the way through paid international internships.

Paid international internships on BridgEd

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An international internship for Indian students and students from other emerging economies has always been an option that has seemed out of reach.

Not anymore.

BridgEd currently features paid international internships in the US and Malaysia. Many other paid internships in multiple locations are on their way.

Paid international internships in Malaysia are course-based paid internships. This international internship for Indian students and students of other emerging economies comprise of a one month industry-specific certificate course followed by placement in paid internships.

The Management Training Program in the US allows you to train with companies in the US for up to 12 months in a field that aligns with your career  qualifications. The current openings are mostly available in areas under Hospitality Management like:

• Front Office (GSA) / Rooms Division Management
• Food & Beverage Management
• Culinary Management

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Certificate in Business Management


The Certificate in Business Management is a 1-month course that prepares students for different business roles and gets them placed in post-program paid internships.

Certificate in Hospitality Management


A month-long Certificate in Hospitality Management prepares students for work in the hospitality industry and gets them placed in post-program paid internships.

Management Training Program


Work upto 12 months in the US in a filed that matches your professional qualifications.

IT & Networking


The Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Technology program offers 8 months of skill sharpening & 6 months paid on-the-job training.