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What is BridgEd

BridgEd is a digital platform for students in higher education to easily find programs, reach out and apply to institutions around the world.


Our goal at BridgEd is to make international higher education and global learning experiences more accessible.

The Problem

In an emerging economy like India with few top-notch higher education institutions, attaining quality higher education within the country is still beyond reach for many in the massive student population. For most people who are looking to study abroad or are seeking a global experience, the lack of unbiased guidance and support coupled with shortages in finance act as huge barriers for their dreams. People around the world are increasingly wary of their investment in higher education and are unsure of the returns on learning investment in the absence of the right student support systems.

We want to change that reality.

Our Belief

We believe that an international higher education with exposure to other professional, cultural and social experiences makes individuals more sensitive to the needs of the 21st century. It also gives them a competitive edge in the job market.

The focus of BridgEd is to keep the journey simple and purposeful for students.

Through our platform and partnerships, we are working towards making BridgEd a hub for all that you may need in your international higher education journey. BridgEd helps students save a lot of money and time. Our goal is to provide students with all the tools they need to plan each phase of the journey and achieve their dreams.

With diverse experiences in education, finance and technology, we at BridgEd use a systems thinking approach in understanding higher education for emerging economies in the 21st century. We are impact-driven and aim to be instrumental in making quality higher education and global learning experiences accessible.

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